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Cryptocurrency Consultancy

You may believe you have found the next big project, however you are only 99% sure that it will be "the one" so would like to bounce the project off somebody else to get feedback and make sure you are not the only person who can see the potential.

Maybe your brother told you about a project, however he just called it a "Demented Asthmatic Giraffe ... or something", so you would like a second opinion and a deep dive document on the project to present to your brother.

Your friend Elon told you about the high energy consumption of Bitcoin and suggested you use DOGE instead. Maybe you want to know if DOGE is really as good as he says or you would like to hear of other projects that are not so power hungry, or discover projects using new and unconventional sources of energy to mine so you can rebuke their claims.

Maybe you have been in crypto for as long as Slightlyiffy and just want to chat about the good old days with someone who remembers how hodl became a thing.

Radix Validator

RadixDLT have launched their mainnet which is secured by dPoS. Slightlyiffy operates a validator node and backup node, feel free to stake with us.

Basic metric monitoring of the Slightlyiffy validator is available here.

If the fees generated by the validator allow it, Slightlyiffy will be making simple Radix themed games for the community with his extra spare time, example below.

I make the occasional game in my spare time, play Whax Keiser for an example.

I may consider making simple games for crypto projects if the price is right.

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